AJ Montecinos

AJ Montecinos


AJ Montecinos has a strong presence in the sport of golf, and Kevin is excited to welcome him to the team. AJ brings extensive knowledge and experience to the team, with caddying positions on the PGA Tour and Web.com Tour. Some of his notable finishes include winner of the 2009 PGA Championship, winner of the 2009 Honda Classic, and various top 5 and top 10 finishes on both tours.

AJ also competed on various mini tours in pursuit of his career as a professional golfer shortly after graduating from Jackson State University. Other positions in the golf industry include head golf coach of Talladega College, teaching professional, and various positions at golfing organizations.

AJ lives in San Antonio, Texas.

AJ Montecinos

Dr. Jim Suttie


Dr. Jim Suttie is a National PGA Teacher of the Year, Golf Digest Best Instructor, and Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher. For more than three decades he has been devoted to developing a teaching framework for golfers by applying biomechanical principles to their golf swing. This framework optimizes the relationship between each individual’s natural build, and the golf swing that is most easily adaptable to it.

Dr. Suttie has worked with many professionals on the PGA Tour. He is best known among his peers for matching up the fundamentals that fit each players’ natural swing style, while taking into consideration each golfer’s physical strengths and weaknesses.

Dr. Jim Suttie’s Website

AJ Montecinos

Pia Nilsson and Lynn Marriott | VISION54

Performance Coaches

VISION54’s simple, yet effective, understanding of how to mentally approach the game of golf has revolutionized the golfing world. Vision54 is founded on the principle that a perfect round of golf (18 under par) is possible. Their weekend schools analyze every part of a golfer’s game, from pre-round preparation to post-round analysis. In the last five years, they have become two of the most sought after teaching professionals in the world and Kevin is very blessed to have them as a part of his support structure.

Vision54 Website

AJ Montecinos

RJ Nemer | IMG Golf


RJ Nemer is a Sr. Vice President at IMG Golf and serves as their Head of Global Clients. Kevin has worked with RJ for almost a decade. What makes RJ and his team unique is the value they put on relationships and Kevin truly feels like they are family. Kevin relies on RJ and his team to take care of his off-course endeavors so Kevin can focus on doing what he does best – play golf. IMG is one of the largest sports agencies in the world and represents over 1,000 elite athletes across various sports including golf, soccer, tennis, and football.

IMG Golf Website